Black and White, and the 50 shades in between…

Okay, first off, I’ll admit I chose that title to maybe bring in some random Google searchers…  but anyways…

So, I’ve been following Scott Bourne, the publisher of PhotoFocus.  The man has been around for a while, and generally speaking, has some awesome things to say.  The other day he covered the notion that all Black and White photos arent created equal.  He went on to talk about the filters you would have used back in the day with film, and it got me thinking.

So, I went and took a fairly boring shot of still water and leaves, and applied some PhotoShop filters.

Just to put this out there, the filter was set at 75% Density.  I then completely desaturated the image, then set a curve (I used a preset curve, just so each one was exactly the same as the other.)

Clockwise: Green, Blue, Orange, Red Filters.


Same Photo, 4 different filters, 4 subtly different images.


Lets try a face:

Here’s my girl Tee…  We did some head shots a while ago, so here:

This is just straight up Desaturation

Green Filter:

Red Filter:

The differences are interesting.  The suggestion was for Green Filter for face…  It’s a bit dark, but I didn’t do ANY work on these beyond applying the filter and desaturating…


Draw your own conclusions, really.  I just present information as I get it…lol  I certainly WILL be using post-filter actions on outdoor B/W shoots…  I’ll post the differences again when I get ’em!


Happy Shooting!  Please feel free to comment below!  I’d love someone to talk to!  ;)

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