Breaking out of a rut.

Bunch of things to share today.

Thought THIS was a great idea.  Shout out to Allan Brunke who has been doing this for a while.  He’s a smart boy!  Yes he is!  Whos a smart boy!!

So, I’ve been editing my face off.  War of 1812, the wedding…  Lots of stuff to go through.  But here is the stumbling block for me:

Take a look at these: Linky

Curt DEFINITELY has a “look”.  I dont think I have one.  (Other than here’s your perfectly edited photo)  I’m finding my photos dont have that… visual punch that others do.  I guess in that way, I’m more of a stock photo/commercial shoot kind of photographer.  My stuff is highly usable, and I take good photos (I dont toot my horn that much, so just let it slide) but as far as marketing my stuff, I just dont think my stuff “stands out”

So, I’m caught in a very weird kind of spot.  How to be eye catching and trendy, without being garrish and trendy.  I certainly spend enough time bemoaning other “amateur” photographers for using Picnik and Picassa, and adding bad filters and such.  Using high end technology to make pictures look like they were taken in the 70s.

So, I felt I needed to get out and take some personal images to fiddle around with some developing processes.  To whit, here they are:

Applied some gradients and played around in Lightroom.  I’m happy with them…  But…  The tones wont suit everything.  So, as I’m hardly ever satisfied, (Good enough never is)I’ll keep playing around.  I’ll find something.  :)


While we’re on the subject, the models name is Rayne.  She and her BFF Cameron have a blog started.  Its a fun read.  Go on and visit, and drop them a line!

Happy Shooting


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